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The official communication of the partnership between Panta and WRC has been published on WRC... more
monza rally show 2015
Panta will be the Official Fuel Supplier for the upcoming Monza Rally Show 2015
Panta will be the WRC Official Fuel Supplier for triennium 2016-2018
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Panta Distribuzione S.p.A. is an Italian company present in the market of oil products and energy services distribution since 1975. Panta Distribuzione S.p.A. is associated to the IES Italiana Energia e Servizi S.p.A. oil group and is member of the Hungarian group MOL.

Panta Distribuzione S.p.A. distributes automotive, heating, industrial and agriculture fuels, lubricants, LPG on the whole Italian territory, being particularly present in the North of Italy thanks to the depots located in Bagnolo Cremasco (CR), Pontestura (AL) and Mortara (PV).

The Energy Services sector, whose headquarters are located in Bagnolo Cremasco (CR) and Milan, is a further key point of Panta Distribuzione S.p.A.

The modern and highly specialized organization allows to fulfill all the needs connected to the creation, management and rehabilitation of heating systems towards a better and more environmentally friendly energy usage. The quality system implemented by Panta Distribuzione S.p.A. complies with the UNI EN ISO ISO 9001:2008 regulations.
Racing Department
The Racing Department started in 1989 and has been characterized since its birth by its innovative R&D spirit and the constant improvement of products specific for competitions.

During the 90s, Panta Distribuzione S.p.A obtained prestigious results as provider of several Italian and International Championships, working side by side with some of the most prestigious teams and drivers.

The challenge of years 2000s started with important logistic investments aimed at distributing company's products in the whole Europe. This required the construction of a new site in Bagnolo Cremasco (CR) that was equipped with high-tech instruments for the production of special fuels. This allowed Panta Distribuzione S.p.A. to become the ideal partner of Federations and championship Organizers for the provision of fuels of excellent and guaranteed performance while complying to the regulations present in different countries worldwide.

Panta Distribuzione S.p.A. is nowadays the official provider of the most important Italian, European and International Championships sharing the sportive success of several Teams.

Thanks to a wide network of professional and technically strong resellers, Panta is ever more present in the most important European and International markets.
Panta Distribuzione SpA
S.S. 235 Km 47 + 980, 26010 Bagnolo Cremasco (CR)
Phone +39 0373 235111   |   Fax +39 0373 235123   |   P. IVA IT01528700063
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